Directory of reports:

Temple hosts Next Mayor Debate October 21, 2015

The Next Mayor: Five Questions the Candidates Should Face October 7, 2015

Roxborough: Young Voters Absent From Primary Polls May 20, 2015

Chinatown: Low Voter Turnout Despite Good Weather May 20, 2015

Fox Chase: Residents See Kenney as the Clear Choice May 20, 2015

Logan: Education and Crime Top Issues For Voters May 20, 2015

Primary Election Day 2015: Don’t Count Those Millennials Out Yet May 20, 2015

Who’s Got The Buck$? May 19, 2015

Public Schools Versus Charter Schools May 19, 2015

The Race to City Hall May 18, 2015

Changing landscapes: Looking to Philadelphia’s Promise Zone and University City for a way out of gentrification May 14, 2015

Students break down “The Philadelphia Budget” May 14, 2015

Millennials: Looking to the Northeast for clues about civic engagement May 13, 2015

African-American activists discuss mayoral election May 13, 2015

Small business owner struggles to keep up May 7, 2015

Zoning: How the Next Mayor Can Help Enforce the New Code May 7, 2015

Grays Ferry Wants Change From New Mayor May 7, 2015

Voters discuss poverty at Temple University April 23, 2015

Arts & Entertainment: The Next Mayor’s Impact on the Arts Community? April 22, 2015

Government: What Philadelphia’s Tax Code Means for Business April 9, 2015

Mantua: Residents, Business Owners Hope for More Progress With New Mayor April 6, 2015

Arts & Entertainment: The Race for Mayor and The Potential Impact on the Arts in Schools April 3, 2015

Germantown: Residents Want City Hall to Bring Education Back To The Neighborhood March 30, 2015

Northeast Philadelphia residents discuss education reform March 26, 2015

Kensington: What Do You Want From The Next Mayor? March 25, 2015

Philadelphia CeaseFire offers support March 24, 2015

Amateur Sports: Parks and Recreation Looking to Make the City a Better Place March 16, 2015

Strawberry Mansion: Residents Discuss Issues They Want Next Mayor to Address March 13, 2015

Politics: The Man Leading Philly’s Young Generation March 13, 2015

Northeast Philadelphia: With a New Mayor, Comes Hope for Change in Northeast Philadelphia March 12, 2015

Walnut Hill: Community Association Encourages Residents to Stand Up and Be Heard by Voting March 11, 2015

After School Program Founder Says Next Mayor Needs To Fix School Environment March 11, 2015

Next Mayor To Face Education Struggles March 11, 2015

Frankford: Residents Hope New Mayor Brings SEPTA and PPD Together March 10, 2015

Far Northeast: Residents Want a Mayor Who Cares, and Better City Services March 10, 2015

Port Richmond: A River Ward With Potential Looks Toward Mayoral Election March 9, 2015

Mantua: Residents Speak Out on Priorities for Next Mayor of Philadelphia March 9, 2015

Strawberry Mansion residents voice concerns for Next Mayor March 9, 2015

Future teacher thinks education should be top priority for Next Mayor March 9, 2015

Residents share their key issues for Next Mayor March 9, 2015

Center City professionals want Next Mayor to address education March 9, 2015

Northwest: School Funding a Major Issue in Mayor Race March 6, 2015

Hunting Park: Latino Community Sees Viable Mayor in Diaz March 5, 2015

Mantua: Residents Seek Stronger Communication with City Hall March 4, 2015

Ludlow: Ramonita de Rodriguez Library Hopes the Next Mayor Will Fight for Education March 3, 2015

Politics: Philadelphia’s Republican Party Is Determined To Make A Change March 2, 2015

Bicyclists Seek Leader to Promote Safety, Harmony on the Roads February 27, 2015

Chestnut Hill: Lynne Abraham Stresses Education as Campaign’s Top Issue February 16, 2015

Politics: Meet Philly’s Future Leaders February 16, 2015

Doug Oliver: “I Know I’m an Underdog. I Just Don’t Care.” February 10, 2015

City Hall: Al Schmidt Says, “You Don’t Have an Excuse Not to Vote.” February 9, 2015